The third release of the new project "Crow and Heron"!

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Crow and heron live distribution "Gokusen! Five Hayashi Hour ~ 1st L1-Grand Prix ~" will be held!

A new project of the new album release commemorative project "Crow and Heron"! This time, we will hold it in collaboration with "L1-Grand Prix", a monthly member-only content of "Hunting Tiger Tower"!

[What is the L1-Grand Prix? ]
New project of "Hunting Tiger Tower"! We are soliciting illustrations and photos from everyone according to the "theme" that is set each time! Members decide "LACCO TOWER No1 ≒ L-1" from them! !! Is there a nice gift for the winners? !!

The theme of this time is the song recorded in the new album "Dark Night Crow, Snow Heron" !

For example ...

* Photograph of the morning glory recorded in "Kuroban" * Illustration of "Phantom One Face" recorded in "Kuroban" * Recorded in "Shiroban" A photo of Vo. Matsukawa Keisuke, who loves coffee from LACCO TOWER, with the image of "coffee".

And so on, you can use photos and illustrations that fully throttle your image!

"Masani!" Not only the photos that, such as photos of "their say also referred to some of or ... view!", "Crow in the dark night, heron in the snow," everyone of the recording music, we recruited freely as possible !!

And! We will select the "Grand Prix" from the applicants this time! The results will be announced live at the live stream "Gokusen! Gonin Hayashi Hour ~ 1st L1-Grand Prix ~"! Members of LACCO TOWER will announce "LACCO TOWER 1" on the spot!

[Live streaming "Gokusen! Five Hayashi Hour ~ 1st L1-Grand Prix ~"]
■ Date: March 21st (Sun) 19:00 Scheduled to start ■ Cast: LACCO TOWER
■ Viewing URL:
* Anyone can see

Thank you for many applications!

Click here for the 1st L1 Grand Prix!



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