Monthly members only! To commemorate the holding of "I ROCKS 20 & 21 ONLINE", the performer's message has been released! !!

猟虎塔~LACCO TOWERオフィシャルファンクラブ~


"I ROCKS 20 & 21 ONLINE" has started yesterday, May 16th (Sun)!

Today, in commemoration of "I ROCKS 20 & 21 ONLINE", only for "Hunting Tiger Tower" monthly members!
The message from the performers after the appearance of "I ROCKS 20 & 21"

It has been decided that it will be released for a limited time!

(The message video was broadcast by "non-refundable" distribution)

[DAY2] and [DAY3] will be held this weekend!
And next week, [DAY4] and [DAY5] will be held!

"I ROCKS 20 & 21", which is not over yet
Please enjoy every corner of the race from "house"!

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