What is a sea otter tower?

At the LACCO TOWER official fan club "Sea Otters"
Member = Certified as "Rako"

We will deliver live information, ticket information, and other limited content faster than anywhere else.

Member content
It is a content that makes the best use of the characteristics of 5 members of LACCO TOWER.
We will update it regularly.
▼ Content Menu ・Vo. Keisuke Matsukawa's Tanpensyosetsu
Salt channel
Shigeta-kun's Kongetsue
Shinichi Jet's online black and white keyboard battle
Daisuke Hosokawa's Six-String Research Institute
Aun's breath of salt weight

Monthly members-only live event
You can participate in members-only live performances and events that are held irregularly.
* If there are many applicants, it will be a lottery.
▼ Past events ・ 2020 "On the hunting tiger tower-Radio wave edition-"

"Hunting Tiger Tower" Monthly Members Only LINE Open Chat
It will be opened irregularly when an event is held. Using LINE's open chat, you can enjoy not only interacting with each other but also interacting with members.

▼ Past establishment examples ・ Opened only for participants when "HOTEL LACCO TOWER" is held in 2020

"Sea otter tower" limited goods
What kind of goods do you want? We will solicit and vote for the goods you want and produce limited goods.

Launch with Rako!
Online launches will be held irregularly with LACCO TOWER members, such as after live performances and after events.
▼ Examples of past establishments ・ 2020 "Rekindling-After party on radio waves-" (Monthly members only)

L-1 Grand Prix
We are looking for illustrations and photos according to the "theme" presented by the sea otter tower! Is there a gift for the winner? !!



You can check the contects only for VIP member which are posted by owner after becoming a VIP member

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