New album "Youth" release special project "Youth 19 ticket" will be held!

猟虎塔~LACCO TOWERオフィシャルファンクラブ~


Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your patience.

About two and a half years after the release of the previous full-length album "Hengenjizai", the new full-length album "Seishun" has been released!

Along with that, we will hold a special project "Youth 19 Tickets " to release the new album "Youth" limited to the Sea Otters Tower!

Limited to sea otter towers?
New album "Youth" release special project?
That's you.

This is a familiar project at the Hunting Sea Otters Tower.
If you are a member of the Sea Otters Tower, you can get one of your favorite benefits by pre-ordering one of the latest albums!

As for the benefits, we have prepared special benefits that can only be obtained here, with a feeling of gratitude to all the children.

We will announce the benefits and start applying at a later date with the opening of the special site!

In addition to the long-awaited reservation for the NEW full album, please also receive the wonderful benefits that only Rako can get!

About the release special project "Youth 19 Ticket"

・ For this project, you can apply for one benefit per reservation for one album "Youth". Please note that you cannot apply for multiple benefits with one booking certificate.
・ Those who have reserved the album "Youth" before the application starts can also apply.
・ This project confirms the application based on the registration information of the sea otter tower. Therefore, if the application details do not match the hunting tower membership registration information, we are very sorry, but please note that we will not be able to complete the application.
・ Due to the nature of the project, we are very sorry for those who use telephone reservations, but please note that we cannot apply because we cannot confirm the completion of the reservation.
・ This project is not linked to Columbia benefits or venue-limited benefits. If you make a reservation at the target period / store, you can receive each benefit.



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