"1st L1-Grand Prix" champion decided! !!

猟虎塔~LACCO TOWERオフィシャルファンクラブ~


The first champion of the "Hunting Tiger Tower" monthly member-only content "L1-Grand Prix", which was held in collaboration with the new album release commemorative project "Karasuto Osagi", has been decided!

1st L1-Grand Prix (selected by Keisuke Matsukawa)
[Nickname] Jin
[Selected song] Sekaibun no Hitori
[the reason]
See how the five world members continue to run in the hopeful world of this song
I drew it like a retro game.
The Morse code indicates "Nee, Sekai".

The theme of the 1st L1-Grand Prix was the music recorded in the new album "Dark Night Crow, Snow Heron". Five years after his major debut, he drew the five people who continued to run in the world of LACCO TOWER.

Jin, who won the Grand Prix, will be presented with autographed goods of all members as a Grand Prix prize, so please let us know from the [L1-Grand Prix Report Counter]!

[ L1-Grand Prix Report Counter ]

1st L1-Grand Prix Nomination Daisuke Hosokawa Award: Rairai-san
Shiozaki Revelation Award: Robin Shinichi Jet Award: Yukiko Shigeta Masatoshi Award: Mosquito Coil Matsukawa Keisuke Award: Arisa

Thank you for your many applications!

▼ What is the crow and heron "Gokusen! Five Hayashi Hour ~ 1st L1-Grand Prix ~"?



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