FC monthly member-only event "Shinichi Jet Solo Recital with Jet Sky Band" details announced! !!

猟虎塔~LACCO TOWERオフィシャルファンクラブ~


The whole picture of "Shinichi Jet Solo Recital with Jet Sky Band" announced on May 28th (Friday) is revealed today ...!

Check it out so you don't miss it!


[Overall ①] A one-night-only special band "Jet Sky Band" is formed! !!

Introducing the members of "Jet Sky Band" which is also included in the event title!

In addition to "Masatoshi Shigeta" who is familiar to Dr. as a gorilla that my LACCO TOWER can rely on, "Hideyoshi" to "Hideyoshi Kakizawa" and "Ivy to fraudulent Game" have new memories as performers of I ROCKS 20 & 21. Two people from "Kawaii Ryotaro" have appeared as helpers! !!

Stay tuned for the special band "Jet Sky Band" consisting of four people who agreed with Shinichi Jet's voice, "This time, I want to sing, not just the piano!"

Vo & Key: Shinichi Jet (LACCO TOWER)
Gt .: Hideyoshi Kakizawa ( Hideyoshi )
Ba .: Kawai Ryotaro (Ivy to fraudulent Game )
Dr .: Masatoshi Shigeta (LACCO TOWER)

[Overall ②] The strongest tag! "Hirokazu Hosoya and Shinichi Jet" again? !!

Shinichi Jet's father "Hirokazu Hosoya" is the vocalist, and the strongest tag is reunited!
Many people should have been drawn to the performance of the two people at the "Shinichi Jet Solo Recital" held last year ...!

Shinichi Jet's memorable last night in his thirties is the resurrection of the strongest tag team!

[Overview ③] We are looking for improvisational song titles!

We are already looking for song titles that Shinichi Jet wants to sing from the day of the announcement!
When you purchase a ticket at ZAIKO, we have prepared a field where you can enter the title, so please apply!
Shinichi Jet will improvise and sing a few songs from the titles you received!


Shinichi Jet, who will celebrate his 40th birthday on May 29th, will hold an FC-only personal event on May 28th (Friday), the night before his 30s last!

Born with music, raised with music and spent with music

Shinichi Jet A special live that is the culmination of 40 years!

Let's all celebrate Shinichi Jet's memorable birthday!

▼ Event Details Hunting Tiger Tower Monthly Member Only Event "On the Hunting Tiger Tower-Radio Wave Edition-"
"Shinichi Jet Solo Recital with Jet Sky Band ~ Birthday Special Live ~"
Date: May 28th (Friday) 19:00 START
Price: ¥ 2,000 (tax included)
Cast: Shinichi Jet with Jet Sky Band Ticket Release URL: https://lacco-to.bitfan.id/contents/menu/18994
* Only available to monthly members of the Sea Otters Tower



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