"2nd L1-Grand Prix" will be held!

猟虎塔~LACCO TOWERオフィシャルファンクラブ~


Official site renewal commemoration!
"2nd L1-Grand Prix" will be held!

As you may have noticed,
The official site of LACCO TOWER has been renewed!

This time, to commemorate the renewal of the official website,
"The 2nd L1-Grand Prix" will be held!

[What is L1-Grand Prix? ]

New project of "Hunting Tiger Tower"! In line with the "theme" that is set each time
We are looking for illustrations and photos from everyone!
Members decide "LACCO TOWER No1 ≒ L-1" from them!

The one selected for L1 this time is ...

The official site that has just been renewed
We will install it on the TOP image for a limited time!

In the part where the artist photo is currently installed,
Maybe the one you choose will be installed? !!

And the theme of this time is
It's your BEST SHOT !

LACCO TOWER live photos, artist photos, etc.
Any photo of LACCO TOWER will do.

You think, "Korezo LACCO TOWER!" The one that will be large recruitment!

▶ ︎ Click here to apply for the 2nd L1-Grand Prix! ◀ ︎
* From here onward, the page will be for monthly members only.

■ Application period: May 23 (Sun) -May 31 (Mon)
■ Result announcement: June 4th (Friday)
■ Official HP home screen setting period:
June 4th (Fri) -30th (Wed)



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