Congratulations on Matsukawa Jet Major debut "Festival (sai) to explain the benefits properly because the MC can be long" will be held!

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LINE Open Chat "Matsukawa Jet"

In commemoration of the recently announced "Matsukawa Jet Major Debut", we will be holding "LINE Open Chat", a monthly member-only content for "Hunting Tiger Tower"!

You know three campaigns to commemorate the release of the major debut album "Her Event". Among them, the sea otter should pay attention to the "sea otter event" !

Through open chat, these benefits, whose details have not been announced yet, may be a little earlier ...!

Of course, all five members also participated!
You can also send congratulations directly!
Let's have fun together in open chat!

▶ ︎Participation is here from 12:00 on June 4th! ◀ ︎
* Period: June 4th (Friday) 12:00 to June 5th (Saturday) 21:00
* Limited to "Hunting Tiger Tower" monthly members
* Links will appear after 12:00 on June 4th.



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