20 days until Matsukawa Jet Major Debut! LINE Open Chet "Matsukawa Jet's Three Capital Story" will be held!

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LINE Open Chat "Matsukawa Jet's Three Capital Story"

It's only 20 days until Matsukawa's jet major debut!
Today, we are announcing the holding of "LINE Open Chat", a monthly member-only content for "Hunting Tiger Tower"!

While many reservation benefits have been announced, you who say "Don't hesitate where to make a reservation ..."! !! !!

You can also make reservations at live venues in Osaka and Nagoya this week!
In addition, this is the last reservation meeting at Thespakusatsu Gunma's home battleground ! !!

Of course, all 5 LACCO TOWER members will participate in the open chat!
Moreover, this time it will be held for 3 days from July 9th (Friday) to 11th (Sunday), which is a little longer!

If you are planning to book your debut album "Her Event", please join LINE Open Chat and exchange information with sea otters!

* Period: June 9th (Friday) 9:00 to July 11th (Sunday) 22:00
* Limited to "Hunting Tiger Tower" monthly members
* Links will appear after 9 o'clock on June 9th (Friday)



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