Matsukawa Jet x Hunting Tiger Tower "Her Event" Release Commemorative Campaign "Event with Sea Otters" Detailed Announcement & June 23 (Wednesday) Suddenly Live Streaming Decision!

Hunting Tiger Tower-LACCO TOWER Official Fan Club-


To commemorate the major debut of LACCO TOWER's Vo. Keisuke Matsukawa and Key. Shinichi Jet as "Matsukawa Jet"

We are holding a limited album release project for the sea otter tower!

It's a super special privilege that can only be obtained here if you are a purchaser of the major debut album "Her Event".

Application starts today!

■ "Hunting Tiger Tower" release project "Event with sea otter" special site

"What is the hunting tiger tower release project?"
"I want to know more about the benefits!"
"How do you apply?"

Let's have members directly explain this and that about "events with sea otters"!

June 23 (Wednesday) will be held in a hurry!
Live streaming by two people from Matsukawa Jet!

LACCO TOWER's Ba. Shiozaki Revelation, Dr. Masatoshi Shigeta, and Gt. Daisuke Hosokawa will be invited as guests !
Anyone can see it, so please join us!

▼ Delivery details =====
Date: June 23 (Wednesday) 20:00 Scheduled to start Delivery URL: We will inform you at a later date.
Cast: Jet Matsukawa Guest: Keisuke Shiozaki, Masatoshi Shigeta, Daisuke Hosokawa (LACCO TOWER)

In addition to Matsukawa Jet Major's debut album "Her Event", which is finally born, please also receive wonderful benefits!



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