July 22 (Thursday / holiday) 19th Anniversary Audience Live "Five Musicians and Quartet" feat. Fantastic Quartet will be held at Ebisu LIQUIDROOM! !!

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It has been decided that the 19th anniversary concert will be held at the annual Tokyo Ebisu LIQUIDROOM on Thursday, July 22nd.
Last year's 18th anniversary live became a remote live due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, so it will be the first live in two years at Tokyo Ebisu LIQUIDROOM.

As an opening act, the unit "Matsukawa Jet ", whose major debut has been decided on the cover album "Her Event" on July 28th the following week, will also make a special appearance.
As the first attempt in the main story, a special quartet with fantasy quartet [Risako Oshima (Vn.) / Kana Roh (Vn.) / Kazuhide Iino (Va.) / Tsunei Matsumoto (Vc.)] Was added as a guest. We have also decided to perform live in the formation.
Please enjoy the commemorative live performance of LACCO TOWER, which will celebrate its 19th anniversary in July of this year.

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Reception period: 6/17 (Thursday) 12:00 to 6/20 (Sunday) 23:59
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